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Namaste. Back to school, back to work, back to eating healthier, back to the gym, back to yoga. So you got away from it all. But perhaps you got a little further away than you had planned. No need to worry. Every day is a new day to embrace and start fresh.


Pick it up and put it down

As with many things, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, or in this case restarted. Often, all it takes is the simplest gesture; picking your mat up and laying it out for practice.

Perhaps you are worried that you’re not up to your previous level. There is nothing to fear, yoga is not a competition. Yoga loves your body and your body loves yoga.

Each of our bodies is different from one another’s and yours will tell you what you can do and what your limitations are. Your body is quite intelligent and will remind you to stay within your comfort zone.


Keep in mind that no matter how limber you were before your break, it is important to listen to your body when you start back up. However you will likely find that it won’t be long before your body is back to the level where you left off.

Why now?

Any time is a good time to restart as there are benefits to gain form practice at every level. You can always find excuses to put things off, but by postponing yoga practice, you are also postponing its many rewards. Don’t worry about making a big commitment, just focus on the moment.


With all of the demands of everyday life, while taking care of everything and everyone else, we often neglect ourselves. We often feel we do not have enough time as it is, how can we possibly fit yoga into the equation?

But if you do make the time to nourish your mind, body, and sense of well being, you will find that you can take on the world more efficiently and more energetically, and in turn, create even more time for yourself.


The important thing is to do what works for you. If signing up for a series of group classes is what works to keep you motivated, then sign up! However, if you feel overwhelmed by that idea, just start with a single practice, even if it’s on your own.

Make a date with yourself, put it in your calendar. You are just as important as everyone else in your schedule!

A couple of reminders

It is important to never practice yoga on a full stomach. Always give yourself at least 90 minutes after a meal before starting your practice. If necessary, it’s okay to keep a drink of water by your side.

If you have any thought or ideas on getting back to yoga, I’d love to hear them!


-Lee Marie


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Lee Marie is our resident expert on all things yoga. Lee Marie has been practicing yoga since the 1960s. She was certified and began teaching in 1972. As the mother of six children, yoga has helped her to keep fit and energetic, not to mention sane! Lee Marie has taught in many settings, from her own private yoga studio to a modeling school to adult education classrooms. She also had an award winning Hatha Yoga instructional TV program which was syndicated and cablecast throughout New England.