“Snow-ga” for the brave

Winter is here, and while I like to keep my yoga warm and cozy, for you brave souls out there who are invigorated by the cold, here’s some inspiration. We give you “snow-ga” (along with a little bit of cuteness)!

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Happy National Yoga Month = a free week of yoga for you!

September is National Yoga Month and to help celebrate celebrate, the Yoga Health Foundation is offering one free week of yoga to new students at 1600 participating studios in the US! You don’t have to be new to yoga (but it’s cool if you are), you just have to be new to the participating studio.What’s extra nice is that even though September is National Yoga Month, you have until October 30 to redeem your free week of yoga. You can find out more details at the Yoga Health Foundation’s website.

What a great way to start the fall season!