Yoga Cat Mat: My New Favorite Yoga Accessory

Today I came across something which is currently my new favorite yoga accessory: The Yoga Cat Mat! It’s a mat and toy made especially for yoga cats, from the yoga curious to the full on feline yoga gurus.

yoga cat guru

I can totally relate to how the Yoga Cat Mat’s creator, Paige Hodges, likely came up with the idea. On the “About” page Hodges explains, “In order to accommodate the felines and make room for myself on the mat I’’ve learned to modify poses in ways that would make my yoga teachers cringe in horror”. In addition to getting a huge kick out of this, I was also relieved to discover that I’m not the only one that has to move my asanas to make way for the whiskered warrior poses.

Not only do my cats have the need to coach me when I’m in the middle of my yoga practice, Continue reading

Yoga wear shorts and bra review

I’m shopping for some new yoga wear shorts and a bra. Specifically, I’d like some comfy yoga shorts and a couple of sports bras that can be worn on their own without another top. I’d like the sports bras to be supportive and comfortable enough to be worn also as sleeping bras.

A few years ago I bought some very inexpensive spaghetti strap sports bras from one of those close-out discount stores. I think it was something like $5 for a three pack. They were 96% cotton and 4% spandex and 100% comfortable. Actually, I still wear them and they’re still very comfortable but no longer as supportive as they once were now that I’ve worn and washed them about a million times. I know it’s unlikely that I will get the same deal I got that day, but I have searched for replacements and I think they must have been discontinued as I cannot find them. That’s probably why they were such a good deal!

yoga wear shorts

So, for the past several months I’ve been trying to find something similar to these tried and true bras. I still want something that is mostly cotton with a tiny bit of spandex or lycra. I came across these Hanes Stretch Cotton Low Impact Sports bras.  Although they were not spaghetti strap, the style was decent and they came in a two pack for under $10. Since it was free shipping and free return shipping, Continue reading