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9 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi I was wondering how can I obtain a certain video from you made by Adi Amar. The video is called lower back pain relief it was 17 min and something long. It used to be on youtube but I can’t find it there anymore I was told that you guys may be able to help me in my quest and to try your site. I would appreciate any help that you would be willing to give me concerning this matter. You can contact me at beautifulv [at] webtv [dot] net

    Thank you
    Victoria Sodia

    • Hi Victoria, Just letting you know I replied to you via your email address. If you didn’t receive it you might want to check your filtered mail. If you have any further questions please let us know. Thanks again for getting in touch!

      Kind regards,


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  3. Is there a video of the Richard Hittleman 28 Day Exercise Plan ,
    if so where can I purchase it ? My book is so old and I would love
    to be able see someone doing the poses.
    Thank You

    • Hi Vita- The only place we’ve seen any Richard Hittleman videos currently available is at, but unfortunately they’re extremely expensive at that site. We have heard rumors that someone else might be releasing them more affordably, if that turns out to be the case we’ll definitely be posting about it.

  4. I wanted to know if all of this mats are chemical free? I have seen many at the store that have chemicals an I wanted to make sure their is not any before I buy one also which one would you suggest for someone who is 6ft 1inch?

    • Hi Lisa,

      If you are looking for an all natural mat, you might want to look into ones that are made from rubber or jute. The brand prAna makes a couple that are 100% natural rubber. I emailed prAna and they confirmed that their mats were 100% natural rubber. They also offer mats with extra long lengths and widths. The prAna Indigena Natural Yoga Mat is 78″ x 26″, and the prAna Revolution Natural Sticky Mat is 78″ x 30″.

      Jade has a number of mats that are made with natural rubber and they offer a with a few 74″ length option such as the Jade Harmony, the Jade Fusion, and the Jade Travel Yoga Mat. They even have a Harmony XW mat that is 80″ long and 28 inches wide if you have the space for it.

      I emailed Jade to see if they are 100% natural, or mixed materials and this was their reply:
      “Jade mats are made with natural rubber and contain no PVC, PER, TPE, EVA or other synthetic rubbers. Natural rubber is tapped, like maple syrup, from a rubber tree, as a sustainable, renewable resource. We use natural rubber because it grips better and has more cushion than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA). It is also better for the earth as it is made sustainably. In addition to natural rubber, our mats contain both natural and man-made components. These other ingredients are necessary to give our mats their properties (including color). Colors are created by rubber pigments that are both organic and inorganic (please be aware that in the chemistry context (as here) “organic” means compounds containing carbon atoms, which may be, but is not necessarily, natural). Our mats contain no heavy metals or ozone depleting substances. All components are approved by FDA for use in rubber in continuous content with food. In addition, our mats are manufactured in the United States in compliance with all US environmental and health and safety laws though the precise components of our mats are proprietary.”

      I hope this is helpful Lisa!


  5. hi, i want to have more photos about tens unit. pls send me the packing information. What kind of device will you recoomed to me? i have insomnia.

    • Hi Vicki, we haven’t tried a TENS unit for insomnia, so we can’t speak to that. Perhaps try one with many different modes to see if one specific mode is particularly soothing for you. Also, think about whether you prefer a rechargeable unit or one that requires batteries. You can find more photos for each particular unit by clicking on the specific unit in the grid. Best of luck!

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