First time doing yoga & first yoga video review!

I just tried yoga for my first time ever!  Nothing better than being able to do something like this in the comfort and privacy of home. I did this 20 minute yoga “class” on YouTube:

Overall it was pretty fun, and seemed to go by fast.  The stretches felt really good, and the poses were just challenging enough to be interesting.  It was definitely a good introduction to yoga. The video consisted of a female model demonstrating the postures, while the instructor (man with an Indian accent) was off screen. While the video was slightly amateurish in some ways (zooms and pans were a bit shaky, and the model wasn’t 100% sure what she was supposed to do a couple of times), I actually found that somewhat endearing.   The video was available in up to 480p quality, which looked good on my screen and didn’t have any trouble streaming (our connection bandwidth is ok but not great).

One thing about doing yoga at home is you have to find a good way to set up your computer monitor (or TV) so you can see the poses etc, without having to turn your head so much/so often that it disrupts what you’re doing.  Also you need to make sure you have enough space to stretch out in different directions as you do the various poses. Having a good set up is definitely something I want to focus on as I get a little more experienced.

First time doing yoga

Since I don’t have one yet, I borrowed Maria’s yoga mat.  It’s 1/4″ thick, and I was worried that it would be too thin since I’m pretty sensitive about elbows/knees/ankles on the floor. It was actually surprisingly comfortable! I’m going to buy one soon, and I was thinking I’d need a thicker one, but now I think maybe I’ll stick with a 1/4″.


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