Going to the mat for homeless cats!

Yoga with felines is “cat”ching on! By now we’ve all seen the cute pics and viral videos from around the globe of cats jumping in on our downward dogs. Perhaps kitties are trying to remind us that they are just as good for our soul as yoga is!


With so many cats in need of good homes, it’s an important reminder indeed. In an effort to raise awareness and funds, shelters are teaming up with yogis, studios, and cat cafes to host special yoga classes with cats in need of a forever home.

Cat cow

This is great for the kitties, as they are getting some much needed time with the human-kind. It’s also a great way for purr-spective adopters to get to meet a number of furry purr-sonalities that might find a spot in their hearts and their homes. A feline friend to savasana with.


Recently, a yoga studio in Decatur, IL hosted a special class where students would share the floor, and perhaps even their mats, with adoptable cats from Homeward Bound Shelter.

Soon after that, New York City’s cat cafe Meow Parlor began hosting weekly kitty yoga classes with the city’s own rescue and adoption group, Kitty Kind. It was an instant success and continues to be booked solid to this day.

Get your claws into this cause

Now, Gifford Cat Shelter in Boston, MA is holding yoga classes at the shelter itself! Gifford’s development director Stacey Price said that the event sold out so quickly, she immediately added another class to accommodate everyone who signed up. She hopes yoga with Gifford cats will become a regular practice.

It’s not that big a stretch


Yoga with furry little yoginis is good for the mind, body and soul, all the while helping to find forever homes for felines in need. It’s a great cause to go the mat for!

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