Yoga and Running

Is running part of your physical fitness routine? Maybe you do an occasional 10k fundraiser road race? Or perhaps you’re even training for a marathon? 

Whether you are a light jogger a triathlete, if you go out and pound your feet to the ground for any length of time, you might also want to prep your mind and body with some yoga. Not only can yoga bring stamina and endurance to your running, it can also help prevent injury.


Doug Hay, author at No Meat Athlete, recently put together Yoga for Runners: The Ultimate Guide, where he talks about numerous ways runners can benefit from regular yoga practice.

Breathing and Balance

Among the many benefits Hay lists is how yoga can help with your breathing. Any physical activity we take on impacts and is impacted by our breathing. Breathing is give and take. Proper breathing can help both your physical and mental stamina. By the same token, improper breathing can slow you down and negatively impact your overall performance.


Another benefit of adding yoga to your training is that it can help improve your balance. In addition to helping you keep your center of gravity, many yoga balance poses strengthen your feet, ankles, knees and legs. That’s important for any type of runner.

Yoga and running

So, whether you are running for health or for other personal goals, if you want to stay in it for the long haul, lay down your mat before you pick up your shoes. Your body will thank you!


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