10 Minute Morning Yoga – Mini Yoga Lesson with Lee

Good morning, Namaste. Before you go for that strong cup of coffee, try this brief eye opener mini yoga lesson. Afterwards you just may want to forget about the high-test and make it decaf because you no longer feel the need for the caffeine!


You can keep your pj’s on…sure, keep them on! You will want to awaken slowly, no hurrying or rushing. Allow yourself to begin your day in a more peaceful, relaxed manner. You’ll find it revitalizing. Please also keep in mind you can actually practice this 10 minute morning yoga any time of day, or even multiple times a day as you feel the need to. And you can practice this just about anywhere.

10 minute morning yoga routine

This lesson focuses on arm raises, neck stretches and shoulder rolls. It will help you to relax and to undo any tension in your neck and shoulder areas. As always, gentle as these exercises are, consult your doctor before taking on any new physical activity.

Let’s begin. You may sit in lotus position or you may be seated comfortably in a chair. You may even stand if you prefer. Make these exercises your own.

Arm raises:

Gradually bring both arms over your head as you slowly inhale. With slow, steady breathing, listen to your breath and think of the hush of the waves of the ocean. Slowly inhale to the count of eight and hold to the count of eight. Then exhale to the count of eight as you visualize the waves ebbing, slowly bringing your arms down by your sides.


Practice this simple exercise three times….don’t hurry…the more slowly, the more beneficial. And just listen to your breath as you breathe in and out. You will start to feel relaxed, yet energy is entering into your whole being.

Next we will focus of neck stretches:

Slowly inhale and move your head from center position and turn to your right. Exhale as you turn your head back to center, then inhale as you turn to the left. Exhale as you turn back to center position, and relax. Repeat this two more times. This will help remove tension from muscles in the neck area.


Now for the shoulder rolls:

As you slowly inhale, move your shoulders in a circular motion, first moving them forward and raising them upward. Then then slowly exhale as you move your shoulders toward your back and then slowly downward. Practice this series of motions three times. Then, repeat the entire process but in the opposite direction by moving your shoulders first back and upward on the inhale, and then forward and downward on the exhale.

Finally, relax your shoulders by shaking out your arms and hands. Eyes closed now, slowly take a complete breath hold to the count of eight, then slowly exhale, and relax.

You don’t have to struggle to make the exact count of eight. With yogic breathing, or pranayama, practice what works best for you. Everyone is built differently, so breathe and hold on a count that works naturally for you. Never feel like you are forcing your body. In time you will forget about counting and find your own natural rhythm to benefit from these yoga exercises. Think of this as a foundation to get you started.

Enjoy this 10 minute morning yoga routine as a fresh start to any day.


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